Enterprise Platform

One API 200+ methods no more integrations

What difference does the IXOPAY enterprise platform make ?

Our single-integration payment solution gives you access to a vast network of global acquirers and payment providers and enables you to apply them more effectively. If something changes with one interface, we go ahead and update it without any need for action for you.

with IXOPAY Enterprise Platform
without IXOPAY Enterprise Platform

Who is the IXOPAY Enterprise Platform aiming for?

We target enterprise merchants especially, who often struggle with multiple sub-brands and their own contracts, various PSPs, legacy payments inclusive of provider lock-ins and a plethora of solutions and fees. The IXOPAY enterprise platform offers the unrivaled option to evaluate, optimize and thus expand your payment portfolio. Finally compare conversion rates and fee structures and easily set up new routes in order to make the payment journey as frictionless as possible for the end-customer and as efficient as possible for you, the merchant.


The area of online entertainment especially is one where MIDs get shut down for reasons that could have been easily avoided. Subscriptions, coins, performer payouts and streaky traffic bring challenges to players in this market segment that can all be tackled with IXOPAY platform functionality. And when worse comes to worse, your end-customers payment data is stored with us, independent of any provider, so you can simply switch to another solution.

Digital Goods

Digital goods and services are the hottest things in modern e-commerce. Thus, reaching customers without borders and being able to convert them has become an absolute necessity in todays market. Regardless if you need many smaller recurring payments for premium access or higher ATVs for longer service periods, the IXOPAY platform always has the right adapter ready for your specific target market along with the relevant data for your optimization efforts.


The dating industry was probably the first to bring multi-psp strategies and fallback providers to the table based on their own needs and is still a vertical that is being viewed as having a high transactional risk by many acquirers. Juggling chargeback rates or routing volumes to specific solutions has never been as easy as with IXOPAY. In conjunction with our risk engine, you’ll be able to get the various risk indicators down to a negligible value.

Gambling providers

Gambling providers not only have to comply with various regulatory aspects, but are facing additional risks due to the payout aspect along with a higher risk of fraud. Our platform's detailed risk tools can be easily synced with your existing external services, simplifying this topic significantly and are often a good point to make when you renegotiate rates with your acquirer. On top of that,many of our adapters have payout functionality, so you can have all your reporting in one place.

Online Shop

Merchants first starting to sell their products on the Internet frequently assume a simple payment solution, or even the one that came with their shopping cart, will be sufficient. As soon as business is starting to pick up and things like localisation and scaling become more important, the payment platform is all too often the weakest link in the chain. With IXOPAY, you are armed for scale from the beginning and can make better use of your time by improving your marketing or warehouse management.

Online Games

Free-to-play models, in-game currencies, loot-boxes, micropayments…. the challenges for operators of online games are manyfold and constantly changing. The IXOPAY platform not only provides you with the flexibility to be able to implement all the newest trends, but also with the speed needed to deploy them fast and in a localized manner at the same time.

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