Platform Features

Profit maximization functions focused to boost your business

Transaction Monitor

The transaction monitor provides both a transparent and high-level overview of the transactional data of all active adapters (i.e. the various acquirers and payment methods) of an account and each single transaction of a PSP or payment partner.
In the in-depth detail view of single transaction all relevant metadata, API calls and status changes are available at any time.
Our risk engine scoring result completes the offer of information and the possibility to filter by all the above mentioned criteria. It drastically simplifies the identification of errors and their respective patterns.
All these features give you full control over your transactions, in real-time.

Reporting & Analytics

The statistics interface enables to generate and schedule extensive reports that play a crucial part in daily business.
The reporting tool makes it easy to create customized reports by choosing among various metrics, filters and reporting options such as pivot tables including all active adapter data, transactions, currencies and other many criteria.
In order to achieve an effective and customizable business intelligence handling, reports can not only be created here, but also saved for recurring report tasks. Of course, all data can be exported in different file formats.

Adapter World

We’ve always put a strong focus on the highest flexibility with regards to the maintenance and expansion of our payment ecosystem, which is why the large list of adapters is not only growing constantly, but also at record speed. We’re proud of our API integration know-how and can guarantee the fastest turnaround time anywhere when it comes to adding new payment providers our clients need.

Our platform's architectural design allows us to combine these unrivaled integration time-frames with state-of-the-art QA processes, thus fulfilling the high quality standards both our clients and ourselves bring to the table.

IXOPAY connects you to various payment providers, acquirers, wallets and a variety of payment method, so you can operate globally with a single platform.

PCI Compliant Storage

Adherence to the highest security standards when it comes to payment data storage is more important than ever and at the same time, the need for on-demand payments (where end-customers need to provide their credit card number only once) is becoming bigger.

The storage of credit card data enables a faster and user-friendlier checkout process for end customers. Thus you achieve a higher conversion rate and stronger customer loyalty.

In order to be able to guarantee our clients compliance in this regard, we are constantly adjusting our internal security policies, use the latest encryption technologies and follow the PCI-DSS to the letter.

But even beyond that, you can store sensitive data of other payment methods (such as IBANs or cryptocurrency tokens) in our secure environment and integrate them into every checkout flow imaginable thanks to our tokenization technology.

Fee Management Engine

Manage your fees and keep track of your costs. Our Fee Engine is able to calculate every type of fee structure imaginable in real time - absolute or percentage fees, combinations of the two, volume- or transaction-count-based tiers or minimums.

It is available to both our white label clients, with a focus on the fees of their respective customers and users of the IXOPAY platform as Payment Hub, where the various provider fees can be aggregated in order to be able to compare them with ease.

Routing Engine

Lower your transaction costs and optimize your processes by setting different routing strategies.

Our smart routing engine provides an intuitive interface to make optimizations based on various criteria and enables automated responses in real time when alternatives are needed. It is the ideal tool to always keep track of the bigger picture, even with larger setups.

Our smart routing, balancing and cascading features are versatile:

  • Management of different conditions for various card types
  • Lower decline rates due to geographic proximity (local payment methods) of issuers andacquirers
  • Optimized conversions for Individual payment methods in specific markets
  • Automatic fallback solutions in case of failed transactions
  • Distribution of volumes across multiple providers with regard to pricing tiers
  • Backup solutions in case of server or financial institution failure, etc...

Dynamic Payment Pages

We are using IXOLIT Group’s Frontend Application Server, which allows you to completely style the visual appearance of your payment pages and include an impressive part of logic in them at the same time.

Possibilities are almost endless and range from smart payment method pre-selection to adaptation to existing corporate identities, keeping the process uninterrupted for end-customers and conversion high for merchants. Thus, you can offer streamlined payment flows without having to take into account PCI requirements during integration.

payment.jsJavascript Form API

Increase your conversion rate and strengthen your customer loyalty using our Javascript Form API that enables end-customers to safely enter sensitive payment data directly into the merchant´s website checkout process.
Forwards to third parties and iFrames with design breaks will be soon a thing of the past.
Keep hosting (almost) everything yourself and still maintain PCI compliance in next to no time using our Hosted Fields (payment.js).

Maintain full control over your corporate identity (CI), user experience design (UX) and guarantee a seamless end-user experience - all with just a few lines of code.

Risk Management Engine

The Risk Engine makes it possible to prevent and discover payment risks and thus protect your company from fraud.
In addition to these basic checks (refund, chargebacks, friendly fraud, money laundering, etc.), you can also insert and extend other parameters manually, to optimize and secure your payment processes.

Based on the resulting score, transactions can be, for example, sent to a manual review queue or, using our routing engine, to other adapters (or you adjust the general balancing).
Upon customer request, we create in record time new internal risk check types or integrate external services as well. Contact us with your requirements for an assessment!

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal deals with "card-not-present" transactions, which means that payments are ordered via telephone or email. If you need to process a large number of these transactions - “Mail or telephone orders” (MoTo) - through call center agents, our Virtual Terminal solution is for you. Specifically designed for those use cases in the real estate, telemarketing and professional services markets, it provides ease of use and security at the same time.

Reconciliation & Settlement Handling

Naturally, our service offering includes a settlement function, displaying the amounts to be expected from each provider, especially handy for our white label clients. We are also especially proud of our reconciliation handling, which compares and consolidates the transaction data and states received from the providers with IXOPAY's internal data, thus reducing the data to a common denominator - an unrivalled solution on todays market.

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