White Label Payments

Completely adjustable white label functionality for various business sectors

Here's why different business categories use IXOPAY

Regardless if you’re a licensed payment institution, reseller or acquirer, you can make the IXOPAY platform your own using its full white label customization options. Pre-select the best payment methods for your merchants, set both internal and external fees in the admin interface and provide a simple to integrate, fully scalable processing platform to your clients of all sizes while simultaneously strengthening your brand.

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Payment Service Providers

expand their acquirer and APM portfolio and can offer on-demand payments to their online merchants by using IXOPAY.


integrate with IXOPAY to access new merchant categories.

ISOs and Sales Agents

white label IXOPAY to provide their merchants with a state-of-the-art, fully branded processing experience.

Application Providers

love to use IXOPAY when building fintech applications and webshops.

Who is the IXOPAY White Label Platform aiming for?

The IXOPAY White Label Platform targets key-players of all sizes in the areas of payments and fintech, covering all markets at the same time. Due to our record-breaking timeframes when it comes to integrating new acquirers and alternative payment methods, you can always offer your merchants the right solution for the respective end-customer. Our risk engine is state of the art and seamlessly integrates with external services, we offer full reconciliation and settlement handling and, other than most of our competitors, real white labelling inclusive of URL and documentation.

Payment Service Provider

IXOPAY is the go-to solution if you are a licensed PSP, taking into account various regulatory aspects and payment processing requirements from PCI to PSD2 - additionally, our risk and compliance team stays on top of developments to make sure you always have the latest tools at your disposal, when it comes to transactional security best practices.

ISOs und Sales Agents

The IXOPAY online payment platform can be fully white labelled and customized with the payment methods relevant to your business, enabling you to scale your referral business and strengthen your brand, but also to easily scale into different verticals and provide modern, centralized merchant services and reporting to your online merchants. Contact us for references and more information.


Get access to a growing number of enterprise merchants making use of our tokenized vault solution which are looking to distribute their volume over multiple acquirers. We are constantly expanding our list of adapters and integrate for free provided you opt to set up a parallel agreement with our sister company IXOPAY, LLC.

Application Provider

IXOPAY can be easily integrated into your payment services application and acts as technical backbone for large scale platforms like dislo.com. Have a look at our API here and our SDKs here. We are also the preferred option of many digital agencies building webshops and checkouts for their clients, making it easy for them to accept payments online.

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