Accelerate Growth with Payment Orchestration and Tokenization

Increase authorization rates by up to 15%, simplify PCI compliance, and unify payments data across all channels and processors with IXOPAY’s payment solutions.

Universal Tokens

Reduce your PCI scope by up to 90%

Universal Tokens are the first step to securely collecting, storing and analyzing payment data across all channels and processors. With Universal Tokens, you have one payment token that spans your in-person and online channels and all your payment processors.

Payment Orchestration

Increase authorization rates by up to 15%

IXOPAY’s all-in-one payment orchestration platform enables you to scale your payments globally, route transactions to the best-suited provider based on the transaction, analyze and reconcile transactions in one place, and easily add new payment methods with 200+ supported payment providers.

Card Lifecycle Management

Protect 25% of revenue from expired cards

A modular suite of products including Account Updater, Network Tokens, BIN Lookup, P2PE, 3DS, and Fraud Services that enable you to build a payment stack customized to your payments strategy, no matter where your company is on its payments journey.

Optimize your payment processes and reduce costs

Escape processor lock-in

Improve approval rates, reduce costs and cater to regional customer preferences for payment methods.

Reduce PCI scope

Reduce your PCI scope to eliminate costly annual audits while still owning your payment data.

Simplify reconciliation

In many cases, the post-processing efficiency gains and cost savings can offset the entire costs of the IXOPAY platform by themselves.

Standalone and Modular

IXOPAY solutions are available standalone or as an all-in-one payments orchestration platform.

See how IXOPAY fits perfectly into your existing payments stack with 200+ integrations

"The fast integration of local payment methods is crucial when entering new markets, and this is something IXOPAY has been handling in record time."
"The IXOPAY relationship is amazing. It’s one of the best providers that we have. The support is great, with a dedicated team to help."
"We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field. That’s a big relief"

Are you ready to leverage your payments stack as a competitive advantage?

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