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IXOPAY’s story begins in 2001 when chairman Rene Siegl and CEO Nathalie Siegl founded IXOLIT. IXOLIT developed eCommerce solutions, and many of these projects required handling online payments for an increasingly international customer base. These customers were expanding rapidly into new markets, resulting in a continuous demand to integrate new payment methods and partners in those markets.

Soon, half the company’s developers were working on payment integrations. The overheads of developing and maintaining these integrations drove the need for a technical layer that unified this process for all payment providers. At the time (2014), payment orchestration was in its infancy, and no solution on the market met IXOLIT’s requirements. These included support for existing payment integrations, unified settlement and reconciliation across providers, and the ability to quickly integrate new providers on an ad-hoc basis.

Payment Orchestration for Merchants

Building on the experience gained from integrating many payment providers over the years, IXOPAY was initially developed as an internal solution to meet these requirements. But IXOPAY did not remain an internal solution for long. Within only a few months of its launch, the first inquiries started coming in from companies who wanted to use IXOPAY themselves. These were often companies that we had no prior business relationships with, who had heard of IXOPAY by word of mouth. Within a few short years, IXOPAY was one of our most successful products.

Over 2 Decades eCommerce Experience

To this day, we still benefit from the experience gained from working on eCommerce platforms for several decades. Many of the insights gained from our other platforms made their way into IXOPAY in some shape or form. Today, IXOPAY is trusted by global brands around the world, and what was once a two-person team has grown to nearly 100 employees with offices in both Vienna, Austria and Florida, USA.

Trusted by Global Brands

Established global merchants rely on IXOPAY to optimize their end-to-end payment processes. Using IXOPAY to orchestrate their payments, these merchants benefit from reduced costs when integrating additional payment service providers with consolidated settlement and reconciliation, reporting and analytics across all payment providers.

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