IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company was founded in 2001 by siblings Rene Siegl and Nathalie Siegl. In 2024, IXOPAY merged with TokenEx, founded in 2010. The combined companies have decades of experience in the areas of ecommerce, compliance, data security, and of course payments.

We Understand the Needs of Merchants

IXOPAY’s roots are in ecommerce. Back in 2001, the company exclusively developed ecommerce solutions for an international customer base. These customers were expanding rapidly into new markets, resulting in a continuous demand to integrate new payment methods and partners in those markets. At the time, payment orchestration was in its infancy, and no solution on the market met our clients’ requirements. These included support for existing payment integrations, unified settlement and reconciliation across providers, and the ability to quickly integrate new providers on an ad-hoc basis.

IXOPAY therefore decided to develop a payment orchestration from scratch in 2014 to meet the in-house needs for integrating ever more complex payment setups for our ecommerce clients. Word soon got out about our in-house solution, and within only a few months of its launch, the first inquiries started coming in from companies who wanted to use IXOPAY themselves. These were often companies that we had no prior business relationships with, who had heard of IXOPAY by word of mouth. Within a few short years, our payment orchestration platform was one of our most successful products.

To this day, we still benefit from the experience gained from working on ecommerce platforms for several decades. Many of the insights gained from our other platforms made their way into IXOPAY in some shape or form.

Data Security and Compliance are in Our DNA

TokenEx took a very different approach. Founded in 2010 by Alex Pezold and Dr. Jerald Dawkins, who first met at a CyberCorps research group while attending the University of Tulsa. Several years later, Alex and Jerald met up to discuss the growing cybersecurity industry. Alex was working as a qualified security assessor at the time, and saw the potential of cloud-based tokenization. He quickly sketched out his basic idea for the company on a napkin, and TokenEx was born.

Tokenization was a relatively new concept at the time, but the company soon started to grow and Alex and Jerald were able to switch to working on TokenEx full time. Coming from a security background, TokenEx focused on data protection and security issues - a field that tokenization was ideally suited for. They built a cloud platform that would tokenize sensitive data - anything from credit card and bank account numbers to patient information - replacing sensitive data stored locally with tokens that could be used to retrieve this sensitive data from a secure vault operated by TokenEx and meeting the highest security standards. This approach helped shield clients from the risk of data breaches. Even if malicious actors gained access to data stored in the client’s systems, the tokens themselves were worthless, being strings of random data that had no inherent value by themselves.

To this day, data protection and security has been at the heart of TokenEx’s offerings. As the company grew, additional services were added: network tokenization, 3DS, payment service integrations and a transparent gateway that allows tokenized payment data to be routed to any payment processor. Each of these modular products addressed a specific pain point in the lifecycle of a transaction, rather than covering the entire end-to-end process the way a payment orchestration platform does.

Trusted by Global Brands

Now, several decades on, the combined offerings of IXOPAY are deployed by established global merchants to optimise their payment processes. By joining forces, we are able to offer both individual modules that address specific challenges, such as Universal Tokens, 3DS and P2PE, as well as a payment orchestration platform that covers the entire lifecycle of a transaction from checkout to settlement and reconciliation. At the heart of all our offerings is the desire to simplify payment processes, safeguard sensitive data and give merchants full control over their payment processes and customer data.

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