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How to connect your eCommerce site to multiple payment services providers (PSPs)? If you deal with different credit card acquirers or have a business need to accept alternative payment methods, such as eMoney wallets, consider implementing an international payment gateway. IXOPAY allows you to connect to any payment ecosystem using a single API.

IXOPAY connectivity grows each day: currently we offer adapters to over 170 PSPs and 200+ payment methods. Adapters are continuously updated and made compatible with the latest API version. We have adapters for eWallets, risk management solutions, eCommerce platforms, enterprise resource systems (ERPs), customer relationship management software (CRMs), and much more. Use IXOPAY to future proof your access to the world of global and cross-border payments!

Payment Adapters

Payment adapters are used to connect to payment service providers. Once you have received your credentials from the PSP, configuring the adapter in IXOPAY takes just minutes. You can begin accepting payments without any additional development effort. Adding new new service providers to your setup is easy, making it easy to offer new payment options and to tap into new markets.

IXOPAY's adapters go beyond simply processing credit card transactions and bank transfers. A large number of adapters are available for alternative payment methods (APMs), which are relevant in many geographic regions. Meet your customers' expectations by offering their preferred local payment methods and increase conversions - all without increasing your technical and organizational overheads. IXOPAY brings all your transactions – no matter how they are processed – under a single umbrella.

Risk Management Adapter

Our risk management adapters allow you to integrate third party systems (e.g. Kount) to assess the risk of transactions. This allows you to extend IXOPAY’s in-built risk management engine to include a second opinion. The platform calculates a combined score based on the results of the risk assessment in both systems. Of course, you can also choose to completely outsource risk analysis to an external system – this may be necessary to comply with local regulations or for consolidation purposes in environments where other systems in your setup integrate with the same risk management solution.

Additional Adapters

IXOPAY offers additional integrations for other systems that may require access to transaction data, such as customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and SMTP services like SendGrid and Mandrill.

Adapter-on-Demand / Integrations

The IXOPAY team has close to two decades of experience integrating third party systems involved in payment processes. This expertise, alongside our platform’s modern architecture, allow us to quickly implement new integrations.

If there is no adapter available for your preferred solution, we guarantee a maximum effort of 10 days* to implement the technical integration, meaning you will not face any sudden and unexpected costs.

*Maximum effort of 10 days invoiced according to our services price list

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