Card Updater

With the IXOPAY card/account updater, all cards stored in the secure vault are checked each month for updates. A widget on the IXOPAY dashboard displays how many cards have been updated and which cards are due for an attempted update in the coming month.

Benefits of a Card Updater

By using an account updater, businesses are able to maintain accurate account information, and reduce the fees associated with declined transactions. Automatic updates save time and resources as customers no longer need to be contacted individually and asked for updated payment information. The card updater is available for all IXOPAY merchant clients. You are charged for the following actions.

  • The account number was changed
  • The account was closed
  • The expiration date was changed
  • The cardholder was contacted for updated information

Clients who wish to make use of this service are able to automatically update the cards stored in the IXOPAY vault. The cards’ expiration dates are checked by IXOPAY and then those which are due to expire within a month are asked to be updated. 

Configure a widget on the IXOPAY dashboard to analyze your data. See how many cards are expiring (this / next month) as well as how many have been updated (separated by provider). If using customer profiles, you will also be able to see when a card is due for updating in the customer overview or on the transaction tab. Old card numbers are stored for at least 30 days.

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