Integration Options for Any Checkout Scenario

IXOPAY provides you with everything you need to make payments an elegant, consistent and user-friendly part of your checkout process. Whatever your requirements, IXOPAY can meet your needs. We provide SDKs for mobile apps, hosted payment pages with a dynamic selection of payment options, and a server-to-server API for PCI-compliant environments - or keep the PCI scope to a minimum with our Payment.js library.

Hosted Payment Pages

Create simple and branded checkout forms using IXOPAY’s built-in Frontend Application Server Technology (FAST). You can combine HTML and CSS with popular programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP to create a visually seamless shopping experience. Naturally, you can serve page content in multiple languages in order to cater to a global customer base.

Dynamic Method Selection

Providing customers with local payment methods (e.g. SOFORT in German-speaking countries, iDEAL in the Netherlands and BACS in the UK) is crucial to successfully increasing your conversion rate.

IXOPAY is flexible and dynamic, making it possible to display the most suited payment methods for an individual customer and hide the ones which are not relevant.

You have a range of flexible options for configuring which payment methods are available for a customer to select from. In addition to optimizing by regional payment methods based on the customer’s country of origin, you can also cater to other use cases, such as blocking specific payment methods (e.g. credit cards) for customers with a particularly high risk profile - you may want to offer these customers a payment method that does not include a chargeback option.

Server to Server API

If you already have a PCI-certified environment, you can store your customers’ payment data yourself and transfer the information to your payment service providers directly via our server-to-server API.

iOS & Android SDKs

We offer iOS and Android SDKs for mobile applications, providing similar functions to the Payments.js library for native applications. Credit card data can be entered directly in your app and tokenized in the IXOPAY Card Vault, in order to then trigger the actual transaction.


Our Payments.js library gives you an unprecedented degree of freedom in the implementation and design of your checkout process. Only PCI-relevant fields (card number, CVV) are hosted by IXOPAY and connected directly to our vault where the data is tokenized and returned to your shop. This allows you to minimize your PCI scope while retaining full control over the checkout experience.

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