Monitoring and Reporting

As the central interface for all your payment transactions, IXOPAY provides you with a completely transparent overview of your payment flows. Thanks to our integrated reporting tools, you can display all critical KPIs at a glance, create your own attractive and meaningful dashboard views, define pivot tables directly from the interface and export financial reports. Business Intelligence solutions in your system environment can automatically be provided with data for further analysis.

Dynamic Dashboards

Our dynamic dashboard can be fully customized to meet your needs. Starting with our widget library, you can create function-specific dashboards at a click, e.g. for management, controlling, risk management, customer support etc. Each widget can be configured individually, allowing you to define time periods, filters and charts. Furthermore, you can make use of the global filters that are applied to all widgets and share your dashboards with other members of your team.

Pivot Tables

The built-in pivot table function in IXOPAY’s interface gives you access to a powerful tool for analyzing your transaction data. Once defined, pivot tables can be stored for reuse later, and the results can be exported as CSV files if required. For example, you can analyze the effectiveness of your routing strategies, your decline rate or your customers’ most popular payment methods.

Financial Reports

The IXOPAY Financial Report gives you an immediate overview of the transaction volume over a particular time period at the click of a button, broken down by individual payment service provider. You can see at a glance the number of transactions, the total value of these transactions and any fees that have been incurred (including charge backs, refunds etc.) for each individual PSP and/or payment method.

Elasticsearch API and BI Integration

If you have complex Business Intelligence requirements and need to analyze high transaction volumes, you can use our Elasticsearch API to access all your transactions and metadata without impacting the performance of your live system.

Post Processing Engine

Use our Post Processing Engine to automatically generate reports using individually customizable jobs in a variety of (file) formats, for example to send these to specific people or teams by email, or to transfer the report to other systems via S/FTP. These ETL functions make it possible – amongst other things – to support audit trail reporting for regulators, import data into your CRM or accounting solutions, and much more.

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