PCI Compliant Card Vaulting

Our enterprise payment platform IXOPAY is PCI 3DS certified and equipped with a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant Card Vault that is in line with state-of-the-art GDPR data security requirements. IXOPAY's Card Vault allows you to store and tokenize your customers' payment data, ultimately granting you the highest degree of freedom from acquirers and payment service providers (PSPs). 

Choose IXOPAY as your global payments hub solution to be fully compliant with financial regulations and have a strong hand during transaction volume negotiations with PSPs. IXOPAY was first released in 2014 by IXOLIT Group, a payment management system provider based in Vienna. Since then, enterprise merchants and white label clients have relied on IXOPAY to manage transactions and depict the entire lifecycle of online payments.

Card-On-File, On-Demand & Recurring Payments

The 1-click checkout has long been established in the world of eCommerce. Customers are offered the option of storing their payment data, such as credit card and bank details (card on file), making it much quicker and easier to complete subsequent purchases. This has a positive effect on conversion rates and customer retention, and also makes it possible to handle recurring payments (which also benefits our IXOPLAN platform).

IXOPAY supports 1-Click Checkout and Card on File

Tokenizing Payment Methods

To ensure that sensitive payment data is stored securely, strict regulations need to be met and a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified environment is a prerequisite. As putting this infrastructure in place is a costly and complex undertaking, many eCommerce businesses rely on their payment service providers to store this data. This process is known as tokenization: credit card data is stored in encrypted form by your payment service provider and identified by means of a token that you can then store on your eCommerce platform, freeing you from the concerns associated with storing sensitive data yourself. Later transactions are then completed using the token, without the customer having to enter their payment details again.

Avoid Provider Lock-in

What happens if you want to switch payment service providers or your existing contract is terminated unexpectedly? You have two options in that case: ask the PSP to transfer your data to a new service provider, which is costly and involves significant time and effort; or ask your customers to re-enter their payment data, which normally leads to a loss of trust and has a negative impact on your conversion rate. Tokenization thus results in a strong lock-in effect.

The solution is to store your customers’ payment data in an independent platform: IXOPAY. You are then equipped to deal with any eventuality, regardless of the payment service providers you will work with in the future, and put yourself in a stronger position when negotiating with your current PSPs.

Dual Vaulting

What can you do if you already have a relationship with a payment management platform or acquirer but would like more flexibility and connectivity? You can use IXOPAY in tandem with other static providers such as Spreedly, ACI, and more, as well as with your acquirer. Giving you dual vaulting capabilities and increasing your payment coverage without ending your contract with your existing solution.

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