One-click Checkout and Recurring Payments

Store Payment Information to Enhance Your User Experience

Reduced Number of Clicks at Checkout

Loyal customers are return customers. Simplify your checkout process for return customers by letting them reuse payment information and reduce the number of clicks required to complete a purchase. This requires payment details to be stored securely for each customer. Storing customer details and payment information is also required for card on file transactions and recurring payments. 

IXOPAY allows you to store, view and manage your customers’ details along with their payment instruments and transaction history. Offer return customers a choice of previously used payment instruments at checkout, with their preferred payment instruments pre-selected.

Streamline Your Checkout Experience

Giving your customers the option to store payment instruments streamlines the checkout process for return customers. It bypasses the need to re-enter payment details, and if multiple payment instruments are stored for a customer, one can be set as their preferred payment option. The preferred payment option can then be pre-selected in the checkout page, meaning that only a single click (e.g. a “Buy Now” button) is needed to complete a purchase.

Storing payment details speeds up the checkout process for return customers

Storing Customer Details Securely in IXOPAY

Customer details (name, billing address, email address etc.) in IXOPAY are stored in customer profiles. Payment instruments (credit cards, bank accounts, Apple Pay and Google Pay) can be stored in a customer profile, with one of the instruments defined as the customer’s preferred payment method. A full transaction history is also available for each payment instrument.

These payment details are stored in IXOPAY’s secure vault, which is required for credit card details, whose handling is governed by PCI DSS. There are various levels of PCI DSS certification, with more stringent requirements applying to businesses who handle and store credit card account information directly. Storing this data yourself means meeting these stringent PCI DSS requirements, which include annual recertification and significant expenses. The IXOPAY PCI Vault, which is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, significantly reduces your PCI DSS scope and associated costs.

Checkout pages suitable for any type of device

Segregate Data and Comply with Local Regulations

IXOPAY uses so-called tenants and sub-tenants to depict the structure of an organization, e.g. to represent a company’s regional hierarchy (global HQ, regional HQ, local branches) or organizational structure (e.g. product lines or divisions). Access rights can be applied using this structure to ensure a separation of data. This ensures that customer details are not shared with entities outside the EU, in line with GDPR requirements.


Payment information stored in IXOPAY’s vault is tokenized. A unique identifier is generated that references the payment details in the vault, and which you can store without the risk of exposing any sensitive data. A malicious actor cannot reverse engineer the underlying payment data from the token.

Payment details tokenized by IXOPAY can be used to process transactions with any payment provider connected via IXOPAY. This is in contrast to tokenization services offered directly by payment providers, whose tokens are only valid for that provider. This leads to vendor lock-in and a high degree of dependence on that provider for recurring and card on file transactions.

The independence that IXOPAY offers is particularly beneficial within a multi-acquirer setup with smart routing and fallback options, and helps manage the risk associated with losing access to a payment provider at short notice (e.g. the provider goes out of business or terminates your contract).


  • Increased security, eliminating the risk of merchant's exposing payment details in the even of a breach
  • Use stored payment instruments with any payment provider integrated via IXOPAY
  • Remove your dependency on individual PSPs
  • Automatic cascading
  • Mitigate the risk of losing access to your PSP
Tokens reference payment details in a secure vault, increasing security. Merchants can use tokens to process CoF transactions.

Managing Customer Profiles

Customer profiles can be accessed in the IXOPAY platform as well as updated using the Customer Profile API. Use the API to query the payment instruments stored for a customer in order to display them on your checkout page and in order to pre-select the customer’s preferred payment methods. Any changes a customer makes on the checkout page, such as updating their preferred payment method or adding a new payment instrument can be applied to their customer profile using the API.

Customer data is stored in customer profiles in IXOPAY

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