Risk Management Engine

Use the IXOPAY Risk Management Engine to implement your own fraud prevention and risk management strategy. Make it easier to identify and decline fraudulent transactions and react appropriately to high risk transactions.

You can define your own criteria that are used to assess the risk of a transaction and combine these criteria to create risk profiles. Criteria used to assess the risk can include data relating to the transaction itself, such as the transaction value and payment method, as well as user data, geographic location, technical data and transaction history.

If you are already using external risk management and fraud prevention services, the results returned by these systems can easily be interpreted in our scorecard.

Furthermore, you can transfer data from your own shop systems to IXOPAY to use this information as part of the risk assessment (e.g. VIP status of the customer, usage behavior, blacklists and whitelists etc.).

Risk Rules

Use The IXOPAY Risk Management Engine to check:

  • Whether the customer’s IP address matches the country of origin of the credit card used for payment
  • Whether the value of a transaction is unusually low or high based on the transaction history
  • Whether the same credit card is in use by multiple users
  • Whether multiple transactions with different credit cards have been initiated by the same end device (device fingerprinting)
  • Whether the end customer is on the sanctions list
  • and much more
Our payment platform IXOPAY includes a risk management engine

Risk Actions

Depending on your requirements, the Risk Management Engine can trigger various actions, such as enabling 3D Secure verification (we support both 3DS 2.0 and 1.0), send notifications, or to park a transaction on a list for manual verification until it has been approved or declined by a risk manager. Users in different roles, e.g. sellers, risk managers, compliance managers etc., can be notified of potentially risky transactions.

Events are triggered via the in-build scorecard logic, which assigns a risk score to each transaction according to your specifications.

3rd Party Risk Checks

You can also integrate third party risk management solutions such as Kount, ReD, Ethoca and ThreatMetrix, either to complement the assessment by IXOPAY or to fully outsource your risk assessment.

Transactions initiated by IXOPAY’s integrated virtual terminal can also be verified by the Risk Management Engine according to the specific challenges and fraud techniques common to your market sector and regions, insulating your company from potential damages.

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