Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal notice under Sec 24 Austrian Media Act, Sec 5 Austrian E-Commerce-Act and Sec 14 Austrian Commercial Code

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1st Floor
Vorgartenstrasse 206c
1020 Vienna

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Tel: +43-1-3530505
Fax: +43-1-3530505-30


Seat in Vienna, registered under commercial reg. number:
FN 451099g

Commercial register court:
Vienna Commercial Court

EU VAT-ID number:
ATU 71998225

Chamber affiliation:
Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce ("WKO")

Competent Authority:
District municipal authority for 1020 Vienna

Business purpose:
IT-Service provider

Applicable provisions to company’s operations:
The provisions of the Austrian Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act 1994 ("Gewerbeordnung 1994", "GewO") and the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2021 ("Telekommunikationsgesetz 2021", "TKG") as well as the Austrian E-Commerce Act ("E-Commerce-Gesetz", "ECG") which are available under

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