3DS 2.1.0 EOL and Changes to 3DS in IXOPAY

3DS v2.1.0 to be phased out in favor of v2.2.0
July 13, 2023 | News

The major card schemes are planning to phase out 3DS v2.1.0 in favor of 3DS v2.2.0 by Q3 2024. This has resulted to some changes in the behavior in IXOPAY.

Until now, if an issuer supported both versions (v2.1.0 and v2.2.0), IXOPAY’s default behavior was to use the older protocol if no 3DS version is explicitly configured at the connector level. Effective from 26 July 2023, IXOPAY will change its default behavior to use the latest available protocol version instead.

Furthermore, you will no longer be able to configure a preferred protocol version in adapters that support transaction processing via IXOPAY’s own 3DS infrastructure. The card schemes are urging the industry to use the highest available 3DS protocol version.

If you are using IXOPAY's provisioning API, you need to ensure that you are not including the “preferredProtocolVersion” parameter in your requests. This configuration option will be removed, and API requests attempting to configure a preferred 3DS version will be rejected.

If you or your merchants use your own 3DS infrastructure or use an external provider and send 3DS result data to IXOPAY's API, please take note of Mastercard's recent announcement AN7264. Starting from 1 August 2023, Mastercard mandates that 3DS operators must initiate 3DS v2.2.0 as the minimum version (except if the issuer still exclusively supports v2.1.0). Failure to comply may result in fines imposed by Mastercard at the acquiring level.

As always, IXOPAY will pass through the 3DS result data it receives exactly as sent by the merchant. Please be aware that IXOPAY assumes no liability for any reputational or financial damage that may occur due to merchants sending 3DS result data that does not meet Mastercard's Data Integrity requirements.

This change only affects processing with IXOPAY’s own 3DS infrastructure. Adapters processing transactions via a PSP’s own 3DS infrastructure are unaffected by this change in IXOPAY. Nonetheless, these PSPs will still need to ensure compliance with the scheme mandates as explained above.

Other than changing how IXOPAY’s own 3DS infrastructure handles the supported protocol version, no changes will be made to the transaction API.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


No. Transactions can already be processed with 3DS v2.2.0 in IXOPAY.

No, the 3DS protocol version alone will not have any impact. For every 3DS session, issuers perform a risk analysis and decide whether to grant frictionless authentication or demand a challenge. The 3DS protocol version has no impact on the issuer’s risk analysis.

In general no. However, if you are sending the “preferredProtocolVersion” parameter, your API requests will fail with a validation error once we remove this configuration parameter.

We have not yet made a decision in this regard. There is a good chance that the credit card schemes will mandate 3DS operators to always use the highest available version in order to more quickly phase out older 3DS versions.

No, 3DS infrastructures, hosted by a PSP will be unaffected by the change in IXOPAY. The PSP itself is responsible for selecting the appropriate protocol version, and IXOPAY has no influence on this.

No, not regarding the transaction API in IXOPAY itself.

However, any merchants using either their own or an external 3DS server should take Mastercard’s mandate into account, which comes into effect from 1 August 2023. 3DS sessions must always be initiated with v2.2.0 whenever possible (see Mastercard’s AN7264 for details).

IXOPAY does not verify whether 3DS result data has been obtained according to Mastercard’s data integrity requirements and assumes no liability for passing on 3DS result data that does not adhere to Mastercard’s Data Integrity requirements.