3DS V1 End of Life

October 11, 2022 | News

As of mid-October 2022, 3D Secure v1 (3DS1) will be discontinued in almost all territories worldwide and be replaced by 3D Secure 2 (3DS2). IXOPAY has supported 3DS2 since 2021, so customers using the IXOPAY platform will not experience any changes, with the transition happening smoothly in the background.

3DS1 dates back to 1999, and the payment landscape has changed significantly since then; the 3DS1 sunset is simply calling time on an outdated technology. Since 1999, eCommerce has skyrocketed and a plethora of devices such as smartphones and tablets are now in common use that did not exist in the early days of 3DS1. With 3DS1 predating these devices and often offering a less than stellar user experience as a result, the introduction of 3DS2 several years ago heralded a new era.

What has changed with 3DS2 compared to 3DS1?

3DS1 introduced additional friction to the checkout flow, requiring customers to authenticate themselves on the card scheme’s website using a static password that was easy to forget. Furthermore, the pop-up verification window often caused issues on mobile devices, and the combination of issues led to a noticeable increase in cart abandonment. 3DS2 provides far better support for mobile devices, including app-based authentication and authentication built in to the merchant’s check out process itself.

Other benefits include better fraud management, allowing card issuers to make better informed decisions by evaluating the risk associated with a transaction using far more data points than before. Exemptions are also now possible, allowing consumers to complete certain purchases without the need to enter additional data. This significantly reduces friction during the checkout process, in turn lowering cart abandonment rates, while still complying with Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

What do I need to do?

As an IXOPAY customer, you do not need to do anything, as the IXOPAY platform has supported 3DS2 since 2021. You can continue using IXOPAY to process your transactions as before.

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