Global Connectivity Growth with IXOPAY

In 2019, IXOPAY released dozens of new adapters to merchant service providers and 3rd-party software
March 02, 2020 | News

eCommerce is as much of a flourishing as it is a cut-throat business. On one hand, a growing number of people enjoy online shopping. Industry statistics show that 93% of internet users in the United States, 97% in the United Kingdom, and 70% in Austria made at least one purchase online in a period of 12 months. On the other hand, cart abandonment rates are extremely high, reaching up to 75%.

Can a merchant reap the benefits of multi-channel online sales without ongoing integration and maintenance efforts? At IXOPAY, we believe this is possible. Our payment orchestration platform provides merchants with a way to try new and alternative payment methods in markets around the globe.

We continue to work relentlessly on the IXOPAY platform in order to ensure seamless payments and perfect check-out scenarios. By increasing the number of payment service providers (PSPs), acquirers, payment processors, risk management solutions, and customer relationship management and enterprise resource management systems with which we work, we can offer merchants the agility required to succeed in an competitive business environment.

Adapters are ready-to-use integrations of our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with 3rd-party software and merchant services providers. Thanks to the development know-how of the IXOLIT Group, the technical payment solutions provider behind the PaaS IXOPAY, we are in the unique position to connect with virtually any PSP, acquirer, payment processor, risk engine solution and fintech application in the world - and in record time.

Growing IXOPAY’s Connectivity

“Out of the box” - or rather “out of the cloud” - IXOPAY allows merchants to connect with over 65 PSPs and 200 payment methods. In 2019 alone, we released dozens of adapters - that is at least 2 new adapters every month

These are only some of the adapters we released in 2019:

You will be hard-pressed to find another payment solution provider working that relentlessly to increase its connectivity. We do it at IXOPAY, because we are a truly independent technical payment solution and see these integrations as a crucial benefit for our clients and the payment landscape as a whole.

More Integrations Equals More Success in Online Sales

Consumers generally abandon their shopping carts for one of these reasons: either the eStore does not offer a particular payment method or the check-out process is too long and inconvenient.

In an attempt to improve eCommerce conversions, merchants might rush to integrate PSPs marketed as “one-stop-shops”. Such a strategy, however, is not always advantageous in the long run. One-size-fits-all PSPs often have taxing fees and penalties for processing different or varying transaction volumes. 

It is recommended for enterprise merchants and small merchants alike to route payment transactions through different partners. By doing so, they spread their risk, reducing delays and the number of lost settlements. One-on-one integrations to different PSPs can quickly increase costs and complexity, too. The implementation of a payment payment management or payment orchestration platform ensures a smooth operation in a multi-PSP setup. 

With its ready-to-use adapters, IXOPAY strengthens a merchant’s negotiating position with PSPs while reducing the complexity of the required eCommerce integrations. By using IXOPAY, you can, for example, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of adding local payment methods and have a shop go live in an additional country in less than two weeks.

IXOPAY’s hosted payment pages also help merchants to fight cart abandonment. Our hosted payment pages can be customized within the platform and changes enter into effect immediately. The possibility to show different payment methods depending on a consumer’s geolocation or purchase history guarantees short, user-friendly check-outs.


Contact us and we will implement the payment method of your choice in record time!


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