IXOPAY und TokenEx Merger

A New Era of Payment Optimization
April 17, 2024 | News
Rene Siegl

I'm thrilled to share that IXOPAY and TokenEx are merging, heralding a new era in the optimization of global payment systems. This merger combines IXOPAY's cutting-edge payment orchestration solutions with TokenEx's specialization in the tokenization of payment data. This strategic move results in the creation of IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company, signaling the birth of a comprehensive and innovative product line designed to make payment transactions more secure and efficient.

IXOPAY has established itself as a leading provider in Europe, while TokenEx has firmly rooted its presence in the US market. Together, we now form a global team dedicated to revolutionizing the world of payment optimization. This transatlantic partnership not only promises an expanded geographical reach but also a vast pool of expertise geared towards meeting the ever-changing needs of global merchants.

The era of relying on a single payment processor is coming to an end. This merger will accelerate the journey to a future where, by accessing a diverse network of payment processors, merchants can gain a significant competitive edge through the ability to skillfully steer transactions and integrate uniform customer data. Our vision is to enable a flexible and outage-resistant payment strategy that allows businesses to grow faster and tap into a new source of revenue – far removed from the limitations associated with being tied to a single processor.

Yet, managing multiple payment processors comes with its own set of challenges. The fragmentation of payment data across different systems and the difficulty in effectively using this data for analysis are common issues encountered by businesses. This is where we step in: With our merged technology platform, we offer a solution that not only reduces complexity but also enhances security and simplifies PCI compliance.

Our combined offering includes:

  • Omnichannel Tokenization: A universal token valid across all payment channels and processors significantly simplifies data management and contributes to security.
  • Payment Orchestration: Our platform optimizes payment flows through intelligent routing and also provides advanced risk management functions.
  • Card Lifecycle Management: Continuous updates and efficient management of payment information maximize our clients’ revenues.

The merger between IXOPAY and TokenEx marks a turning point for global commerce, offering merchants unprecedented control over their payment systems. We are proud to jointly pave a path that benefits commercial enterprises not only in Europe and the USA but also supports business success worldwide.

To learn more about how our innovative platform can help your business grow, we warmly invite you to request a demo.

About the Author

Rene Siegl

Founder, Executive Chairman

Rene is the founder of IXOPAY. Since its founding in 2001, he has been instrumental in the successful development and optimization of extensive e-commerce projects. With an wide global network of partners and decades of industry experience, Rene possesses the expertise to effectively advise and support clients on strategic, technical, and operational levels.