Evolution and Scalability in the Payments Ecosystem

Partner Management with IXOPAY

What is IXOPAY?

IXOPAY is an owner led and financed organization, meaning that we are fully independent and entirely acquirer/provider agnostic. We have no vested interest in who our clients work with. Our aim is to provide 360 degree coverage.

The IXOPAY Partner Management Program was created to encourage growth and flexibility.

IXOPAY as a White Label Solution

The White Label payment solution enables businesses in the payments space to expand their offering while saving time and money on development. The strong technical platform works as the backbone and can be customized to match any brand identity. Client include ISOs, PayFaces, Merchants of Records, PSPs, Acquirers, and more. 

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IXOPAY for Merchants

The Enterprise platform, also available for SMEs as Starter and Growth, allows merchants to create their perfect payment stack. Through one API, they can connect to PSPs, Acquirers, and third-party solutions; use smart transaction routing to boost conversion rates; create personalized risk rules; consolidate their reconciliation settlement data; and much more.

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What is the IXOPAY partner management program?

The Partner Management program works as an internal knowledge hub. The Partner Team learns about the products and solutions and works closely with the Sales and Customer Success Teams in order to make appropriate introductions and connections. IXOPAY is always looking to partner with exciting and innovative solutions in the payment ecosystem that could be of benefit to our clients. As a payment orchestration platform, we can facilitate between the client and the partner as an intermediary, however, commercial control rests fully with the partner.

"We’re excited to reach more merchants with IXOPAY, helping our joint customers take the pain out of taking payments.(...) We believe our account-to-account solutions will help merchants grow their top and bottom line."
"IXOPAY is an industry leading payment orchestration platform and we are pleased to be selected as one of their partners as it highlights the strength of our technology."
"Highly regulated areas in global eCommerce require fast and secure payments, which is (...) we are delighted to be working with IXOPAY as this new partnership will bring increased security and flexibility to merchants’ payment stacks."

IXOPAY is always looking to improve and grow, which is why partnerships and open collaboration are so important. Working together, we can provide the best setup and solutions for our clients. The IXOPAY Partner Management Program was created to encourage growth and flexibility. Benefits include:

New Opportunities

IXOPAY connects merchants, marketplaces, and platforms to payment services. Partnering with IXOPAY gives clients direct access to your products and services.

Seamless Integration

A partnership agreement enables quicker onboarding of new merchants. The IXOPAY team will build and maintain the integration.

Commercial Control

IXOPAY can help facilitate introductions and act as an intermediary. However, you will have full commercial control with the client.

Dedicated Partner Manager

In order to promote close collaboration, you will have a dedicated Partner Manager who will get to know and understand your product.

Adapters Page Listing

You will have a listing on our adapters page highlighting your capabilities and reach. The page is available for all to see, however there is a more technical version for clients.

Marketing Opportunities

A press announcement of the partnership is made and included in our newsletters. Collaboration on white papers, webinars, and expertise articles is always possible.
Laura Allan
“Partnerships allow for open communication and let us expertly inform our clients of the solutions that may benefit their paymentstack”
Laura Allan
VP Partnerships, Marketing & BD
Thomas Beinhart
“The payments ecosystem is vast and confusing. By creating open dialogues we can get a clear understanding of what our clients need and who can help.”
Thomas Beinhart
Partner and Relationship Manager

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