Payment Orchestration

Payment Orchestration in a Nutshell

Payment orchestration is the process of unifying and consolidating multiple payment providers into a single, unified whole. The IXOPAY payment orchestration platform connects to multiple payment providers, allowing you to analyze transaction data across these providers, route transactions to the best-suited provider based on the transaction and streamlines the process of connecting to other IT systems (CRM, ERP etc.) through a single interface.

IXOPAY provides significant advantages to international online merchants, including:

  • One-time implementation: Eliminate the hassle of dealing with unique APIs for each PSP - IXOPAY provides a single API that only needs to be integrated once. This API handles communication with all your PSPs, eliminating development overheads when adding new payment providers and making it easy to switch payment providers on an ad-hoc basis
  • Connect to 200+ payment providers and payment methods around the world: Offer your customers the payment options they want and avoid card abandonment
  • Implement a single, unified payment strategy: Apply a single, unified strategy (routing, risk management etc.) to transactions across all payment providers
  • Increase income: Increase authorization rates using local payment providers, increasing sales and reducing declined transactions
  • Reduce fees: Route transactions to the provider offering the most attractive rates for a transaction
  • Consolidated reporting: Analyze transactions from all connected PSPs in a single platform, generate standardized reports and exchange transaction data with third-party systems using a single data format
  • Consolidated settlement and reconciliation: IXOPAY unifies the settlement and reconciliation process across all providers and simplifies the process of exchanging this data with other systems (CRM, ERP etc.)
  • Risk management and fraud prevention: Prevent fraud before it happens using IXOPAY’s in-built risk management tools or connect to third party risk and fraud management services

As an international merchant, payment orchestration helps you scale your payments globally, analyze and consolidate your transactions in one place and easily add new payment methods as you expand and consumer preferences change. New payment providers and methods are added on a regular basis and new integrations are available on demand.

An overview of the key features in IXOPAY and how they can benefit you is provided below.

PCI Compliant Card Vaulting

Our fully PCI-compliant solution protects you against provider lock-in. The IXOPAY vaults stores clients’ sensitive card payment information and creates randomly generated tokens in order to protect your payment data and allow for a smooth user experience across all payment providers.

Dynamic Payment Routing

Route transactions to the best provider based on location, risk assessment, and platform specific data. Reduce the impact of provider outages, increase card acceptance rates, and benefit from lower transaction costs. Create the best path for a transaction from any location.

Analytics & Monitoring

Track payment performance in realtime with IXOPAY's customizable dashboards. View KPIs across all payment providers at a glance and track the payment information you need. Create pivot tables and set up alerts and notifications to ensure you are always informed of the current status of transactions.

Risk and Fraud Management Services

Protect against fraud and risk by leveraging the powers of IXOPAY’s built-in Risk Management Engine. Connect to leading third-party risk and fraud management solutions for bespoke protection services. Create and assign risk rules to countries, payment methods, customers and more.

Transaction Fee Management

Ensure full transparency of your fees and track exactly which fees are due for each transaction in realtime. IXOPAY's Fee Management Engine calculates third-party fees and commission incurred when processing payments, no matter which provider or payment method is used.

Secure Payouts Management

Protect your payments and make secure payouts with IXOPAY. Ensure complete control over each financial disbursement. Apply the four-eyes-principle and configure review rules that follow carefully created risk profiles. Trigger customizable notifications to crucial personnel and delay payment until verification.

Adapter Catalog

Connect to 200+ leading global, alternative and local payment providers. Create your perfect payment mix with a selection of payment providers and methods addressed by a single API. Reduce cart abandonment and increase authorization rates by leveraging the power of local payment providers.

Card Updater

Maintain accurate account information, and reduce the fees associated with declined transactions. The card updater automatically updates changes to MasterCard and VISA credit cards stored in IXOPAY, e.g. new account numbers, closed accounts, updated expiration dates etc.

Recurring Payments

Automate recurring payments with an easy-to-use payment scheduler that covers everything you need to manage repeat payments. Subscription-based business models rely on reliably scheduled income. Flexibility and connectivity ensure the uninterrupted collection of payments, protecting your business from technical difficulties.

Integration Options for Any Checkout Scenario

IXOPAY gives you everything you need to deliver an elegant and user-friendly checkout experience. IXOPAY provides solutions for webshops, SDKs for mobile apps, hosted payment pages with a dynamic payment method selection options and a server-to-server API for PCI-compliant environments.

White Label Payment Gateway

Our White Label platform gives payment service providers, ISOs, acquirers and other financially licensed institutions the rock-solid technical foundation needed to grow, without compromising on brand identity or functional depth. Focus on your core business and let IXOPAY take care of the rest.

Store Customer Profiles and Payment Instruments

Increase client satisfaction and promote cross-selling with customer payment profiles. End customers can store their payment methods (cards, IBAN, wallets etc.) on your sites, facilitating frictionless payments across all your eCommerce sales channels, improving customer experience and promoting consumer loyalty.

Want to know more?

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