Payment Orchestration Platform

What can IXOPAY do for you?

  • Manage payments from end-to-end. 
  • Reduce the costs of complex eCommerce integrations as well as your dependence on payment service providers (PSPs). 
  • Avoid the expense of maintaining business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools.
  • Cut the time and effort necessary to complete back-office and accounting tasks. 
  • Our Software as a Service (SaaS) lets you build a seamless check-out experience and save preferred payment methods securely.

What is a Payment Orchestration Platform?

Payment orchestration supports the complete lifecycle of a transaction. IXOPAY‘s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution monitors transactions in real-time, runs risk checks, and consolidates payment data in one place. Not only that, but from one API you can create optimal checkout scenarios, connect to local, international, and alternative payment methods (APMs), use smart routing, risk and fraud checks to improve conversion rates and lower fraud and centralize reconciliation and settlement data.

The IXOPAY platform is the perfect payments partner for enterprise merchants and it is also available as a white label solution. All elements of the IXOPAY administration and merchant interfaces are completely customizable according to your corporate design guideline. 

From start to finish, IXOPAY gives you a bird's eye view of all your online transactions!

The transaction lifecycle starts at the checkout

Optimal checkout solutions reduce shopcart abandonment and increase customer loyalty. Create frictionless checkout pages with customizable hosted payment pages or use IXOPAY’s server to server solutions. Use customer profiles across your business and provide dynamic method selection to ensure the right payment methods are shown at checkout.  

Find out more about the optimal checkout scenarios here. 

What are the benefits of a multi-acquirer setup for merchants?

IXOPAY is an independent and payment agnostic technical layer, giving clients flexibility to connect to multiple payment service providers and acquirers, thereby increasing conversion rates and reducing processing fees. Connect to international, local, and alternative payment methods (APMs) such as cryptocurrency, open-banking, eWallets, and more. 

Easily scale your business from domestic markets to international ones with frictionless cross-border payments and accept all currencies both fiat and non-fiat with IXOPAY.  

Transaction routing uses rules to send transactions to the most appropriate payment service provider/acquirer. By doing this you can protect your payments, increase conversion rates and lower processing fees. The flexible and intuitive engine has features such as:

  • Load balancing
  • Cascaded transactions
  • Geographical optimization
  • Risk based routing
  • Fallback routing

These features allow for the handling of complex payment scenarios.

IXOPAY's PCI-compliant card vault helps you gain even more independence from PSPs and acquirers and avoid provider lock-in. Once you save a customer's card data into a PCI-DSS vault, you have the ability to switch payment providers and continue using your stored data, without interruption. 

How can merchants reduce risk and mitigate fraud?

Payment orchestration allows users to create personalized risk rules and use a scorecard to evaluate potential threats. Possible rules include:

  • Whether the customer’s IP address matches the country of origin of the credit card used for payment
  • Whether the value of a transaction is unusually low or high based on the transaction history
  • Whether the same credit card is in use by multiple users
  • Whether multiple transactions with different credit cards have been initiated by the same end device (device fingerprinting)
  • Whether the end customer is on the sanctions list
  • and much more

IXOPAY's integrated risk management tool has the ability to cooperate with 3rd-party risk solutions. Use plug-ins to connect with Kount, Fraugster, NOTO and more for additional protection against payment fraud.

Why payment analytics is key to improving and growing your business

Monitoring transactions and payment data across multiple PSPs/Acquirers is easy with IXOPAY. Conflicts like unidentified and missing transactions, missing conversions, wrongly calculated fees, and rounding errors are automatically identified. By collecting raw data from all of your payment partners and comparing it with the transaction history saved in your database, IXOPAY centralizes and improves your reconciliation and settlement process. When inconsistencies are found, IXOPAY automatically notifies finance and back-office personnel.

Payment platform under your own brand?

IXOPAY is available as a white label product; all elements of the IXOPAY administration and merchant interfaces can be customized according to your corporate design guideline. Free up resources and budgets so that you can focus on the most important challenges – go-to-market, growth and customer success.

Why do you need IXOPAY?

Why does your business need IXOPAY?

The expectations of the modern customer, companies in competitive industries like retail and tourism need to offer an impeccable payment experience to stand a chance. 

With IXOPAY you can create a seamless payment experience and manage the complete lifecycle of online transactions in a single interface.

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