Payment Orchestration Platform

A Payment Orchestration Platform

Purchasing an item or transferring funds online is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle in the dark. In order to fit all the pieces together you need a payment orchestration platform like IXOPAY. IXOPAY lets you outline the complete lifecycle of a transaction: from authorization, verification, and capture to reconciliation and settlement.

Use our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IXOPAY to monitor transactions in real-time, run risk checks, and consolidate payment data in one place. Launched by the IXOLIT Group in 2014, IXOPAY connects you with any payment service provider (PSP), acquirer, alternative payment method (APM), payment processor, and 3rd-party payment software without conflicts of interest.

Payment switch, payment hub, payment management platform and payment orchestration platform often appear as synonyms. However, payment switches and payment hubs don't necessarily offer all of the features of a payment management platform or payment orchestration platform.

What can IXOPAY do for you?

With IXOPAY you can:

  • Manage payments from end-to-end. 
  • Reduce the costs of complex eCommerce integrations as well as your dependence on payment service providers (PSPs). 
  • Avoid the expense of maintaining business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools.
  • Cut the time and effort necessary to complete back-office and accounting tasks. 

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) lets you build a seamless check-out experience and save preferred payment methods securely.

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Manage Payments Globally

Take your business worldwide with IXOPAY. Our payment orchestration platform offers connectivity to international credit card and alternative payment methods (APMs) such as cryptocurrency, open-banking, eWallets, and more. Making it easy for you to expand your business from domestic markets to international ones.

IXOPAY payment connections

Reduce dependence on payment service providers

IXOPAY's PCI-compliant card vault helps you gain even more independence from PSPs and acquirers and avoid provider lock-in. Once you save a customer's card data into a PCI-DSS vault, you have the ability to switch payment providers and continue using your stored data, without interruption. 

Besides being PCI-DSS Level 1 certified, the card vault of our enterprise payment platform is also GDPR-compliant. The IXOPAY Card Vault tokenizes and stores preferred payment methods and offers secure, personalized payment experiences to returning customers.

Manage high-risk payments

Are you a high-risk merchant, or do you offer high-risk acquiring and high-risk payment processing services? Then, IXOPAY is the best payment gateway for you! The platform's built-in risk management engine lets your payment and risk teams efficiently screen transactions for fraud. 

IXOPAY's risk management engine works alone or in cooperation with 3rd-party risk solutions. Choose to run fraud checks with IXOPAY and for extra security plug-in risk engines like Kount and NOTO for dual protection against payment fraud.

Reduce integration costs

Do you need a PaySafe integration? Or maybe a Stripe integration? What about an Alipay integration? Managing multiple system interfaces simultaneously increases complexity and might damage your business operations.

With IXOPAY, you only maintain one application programming interface (API). All other integrations - to PSPs, card schemes, acquirers, and processors - are built and updated by the IXOLIT Group, the independent technology provider behind the SaaS IXOPAY. 

The state-of-the-art IXOPAY JSON API lets you add alternative payment methods (APMs) with zero development effort from your side. The integration of 3rd-party software like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and risk management solutions is significantly simplified too.

Business intelligence and analytics

IXOPAY has built-in analytics and connects to BI software such as Microsoft Navison or SAP. Your finance and operations team can use them to access real-time payment data as well as the sales ledger. Some of  the financial reports you can create with IXOPAY are the sum of fees incurred, currency conversions, and margin calculations.

Automate reconciliation and settlement

Free up your time. The payment software on our platform automates reconciliation and settlements, standardizing workflows for comparing transaction data across PSPs. 

With IXOPAY, conflicts like unidentified and missing transactions, missing conversions, wrongly calculated fees, and rounding errors are automatically identified. IXOPAY improves reconciliation and settlement by collecting raw data from all of your payment partners and comparing it with the transaction history saved in your database. IXOPAY automatically notifies finance and back-office personnel when inconsistencies are found.

Curb shop-cart abandonment

Wonder why payments fail? Use our payment orchestration platform to design user-friendly check-outs with custom payment method suggestions. For example, you can adjust the payment methods shown on a hosted payment page according to the customer's purchase history, geolocation, and risk profile. Multi-acquirer cascaded routing is another way to increase eCommerce conversions. IXOPAY clients recover up to 15% of initially declined transactions by forwarding them to an alternative payment processor

Optimize your PSP setup, send prepaid cards or other specific types of payments to the acquirers offering the best conditions. Payment routing can reduce the fees you pay for each transaction significantly. You can also use IXOPAY to run A/B tests of your Acquirers and PSPs and collect valuable information about authorization rates.

A single interface for all payment data

IXOPAY gives you a bird's eye view of your online transactions. Consolidate payment data from a multi-acquirer PSP setup in one interface and never again miss a refund or a chargeback! See transaction flows in real-time, and use the chance to control and reroute payments to different providers. 

IXOPAY's dashboards are highly customizable, helping you to make informed business decisions.

Payment platform under your own brand?

IXOPAY is available as a White Label product; all elements of the IXOPAY administration and merchant interfaces can be customized according to your corporate design guideline. Free up resources and budgets so that you can focus on the most important challenges – go-to-market, growth and customer success.

Why do you need IXOPAY?

Given the expectations of the modern customer, companies in competitive industries like retail and tourism need to offer an impeccable payment experience to stand a chance. 

IXOPAY helps you to set up dynamic payment pages, create a seamless check-out, and manage the complete lifecycle of online transactions in a single interface. 

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