White Label Payment Orchestration

The Backbone Of Your Business

Get the most from your business model in an ever changing market with white label payment software. IXOPAY's payment orchestration platform is available as a white label payment solution, enabling payment facilitators to grow while saving time and money on development. Our strong technical platform works as the backbone of your business; allowing you to focus on business relationships, on-boarding new merchants, managing risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

What is a white label payment gateway?

A white label payment gateway is the name given to a technical service provider that gives businesses the ability to manage and process payments under their own brand while using third-party SaaS (Software as a Service).

White label clients such as payment service providers, ISOs, acquirers, merchants of record etc. can manage multiple merchants and all payments across their entities. The Fee Management Engine allows complex fee arrangements to be structured in a clear and precise manner, while the Post Processing Engine’s reporting functions allow the data to be viewed as a whole or at a granular level. All elements of the IXOPAY administration and merchant interfaces can be customized according to your corporate design guidelines: integrate your logos, colors, fonts, use your own domain names / URLs. Even our API reference can be completely re-branded. Get state-of-the-art technology with organizational maturity, with just one connection you can widen your business scope. IXOPAY provides connections to over 100 acquirers, 3rd party risk check providers, and adds up to five new integrations per month. This ensures you the utmost flexibility when it comes to managing your payment stack. It is also connected to legacy systems such as Base 24 and has a twenty-four-hour service line that offers customer and technical support whenever needed.


Payment service providers can use the IXOPAY white label solution to create their own merchant and user accounts and set up individual payment methods for each merchant. With your company branding taking center stage, you can provide an exceptional service that will strengthen your industry standing. The IXOPAY risk engine will give you peace of mind, with its customizable risk rules and state-of-the-art fraud prevention. In choosing to white label with IXOPAY, you can save time and money on development that can instead be put into growing your business.


Offer a new digital revenue stream. By supplying digital products such as an e-commerce gateway and a virtual terminal, independent sales organizations can offer their existing clients exciting new products and also expand into new markets under their own brand. Onboarding merchants is simple thanks to IXOPAY’s quick integration times and provisioning API that allows you to create and update merchants, merchant users and connections to payment providers. With the smart routing engine, you can route payments to PSPs and APMs with ease.

IXOPAY for Acquirers

The IXOPAY payment platform is the perfect white label solution for acquirers. By providing the PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment platform under your own brand, you will have scalable best of breed technology at your fingertips. With our unique infrastructure and flexible architecture, the IXOPAY platform is the ideal solution that allows acquirers to keep up with the competition and enter markets quickly and efficiently; managing merchants from all sizes and in any vertical.

IXOPAY for Merchants of Record

As a merchant of record, the IXOPAY white label solution offers you the ability to expand your business quickly and efficiently. The monitoring and reporting tools allow for easy data analysis across all merchants. This best of breed software gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business while growing organically. Onboarding merchants is simple thanks to IXOPAY’s quick integration times and provisioning API that allows you to create and update merchants, merchant users and connections to payment providers. IXOPAY has a 24-hour service line that offers client support whenever needed. 

These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that use IXOPAY’s white label solution. It is also suitable for payment facilitators (PayFacs), banks, open banking providers and merchants. If you would like to see if your business could benefit, please get in touch with our sales team.

Boost your business with IXOPAY's white label solution