June 18, 2023


To accept MOTO payments (mail order, telephone order), merchants need access to a virtual terminal. In the terminal, the merchant enters the data provided by the customer to complete the transaction. This type of payment is extremely popular for catalogue orders or teleshopping.

"MOTO" stands for "Mail Order / Telephone Order". A MOTO payment is a credit or debit card payment accepted by the merchant via telephone or email.

MOTO payments are transactions where the card itself is not present. Order and payment data are transmitted from the customer to the merchant by e-mail or telephone. The merchant can then complete the payment via a virtual terminal.

MOTO card processing is a smart choice for any merchant with a need to increase sales and improve customer service. Merchants who work from home or do not have a brick-and-mortar facility to physically swipe or dip cards need an easy and efficient method of accepting credit and debit cards, and even eCheck and ACH payments. Merchants can use any computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet or data connection to connect to a virtual terminal.

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