March 30, 2022

Pay By Link

Pay By Link is a payment method. It works by sending a URL via SMS or email, which the customer clicks on in order to complete payment. QR codes can also be used. It is gaining in popularity because of ease of use and security.

Pay By Link or payment links are essentially a URL or QR code that once clicked on or scanned, takes customers to a unique stand-alone web page where they can complete payment.

Pay By Link and payment links are safe. They are backed via a secure payment gateway/platform. A Pay By Link service provider solution must be PCI DSS compliant and come with 3DS protocols.

Yes, it is possible to use QR codes, which the customer then scans in order to complete payment.

You can supply different payment methods for your customers to choose from. However, payment is completed by using only one of the available options.

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