June 02, 2022


Settlement is the final step in the payment lifecycle. This is the point where the funds used paid by consumers for goods or services are transferred to the merchant’s account. The time it takes for a settlement to be completed depends on the payment method and the terms of the contract between the merchant and their acquirer(s).

An issue many online merchants face is that each payment service provider provides settlement data in a different format. By using a payment orchestration platform, all settlement data from all payment servicer providers is stored in a central and unified format. This means merchants can easily analyze their data across all providers and easily import it into their BI software.

Settlement time varies from provider to provider and depending on the contract that you have with them. The payment method used also makes a difference. Card payments take longer than open banking transactions.

Yes, all settlement data in IXOPAY is centralized and displayed in a uniform format. This allows for in-depth analysis across all payment service providers/acquirers.