High Risk Transactions Management

How can high-risk merchants protect their payment stream?

Accepting payments online via major gateways and high street banks can be a challenge when your business is considered high-risk. How do you know if you are high-risk?  If your business is more susceptible to chargebacks, this tends to be seen in iGaming, Crypto, Forex, Travel, recurring subscription payments, and products with specific age restrictions. It is likely that you would fall into the high-risk category. A chargeback is when the funds of a successful transaction are reversed at the request of the card holder. 

If chargebacks are more likely, businesses become limited with who they are able to process payments. A higher rolling reserve will be necessary as acquirer and payment service providers will want to protect themselves. Businesses may also have to enter into a fee paying chargeback monitoring program, which keeps track of chargeback activity at the merchant level account. If your business suffers from increased chargebacks, you could be at risk of contract termination, meaning you are no longer able to accept any payments. 

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How can high-risk merchants improve their payment strategy?

IXOPAY is a best of breed payments solution that gives high-risk businesses the opportunity to connect to multiple payment providers, acquirers, and alternative payment methods which do not rely on traditional financial institutions; therefore allowing for more flexibility. The platform gives you complete control over your payments.

  • Smart Routing Engine: define various flow strategies for your payment transactions, allowing you to forward each individual transaction to the best suited payment service provider and thus increase conversions and reduce transaction fees. Use volume balancing, so that you do not exceed any contractual transaction amount limits put in place by your acquirers. 
  • PCI compliant:  store your customers’ payment information in the IXOPAY vault, making it much quicker and easier for customers to make future purchases or deposit additional funds. This increases conversion rates and player retention, as well as, giving you the flexibility to source additional PSPs and negotiate better deals with your existing ones
  • Secure Payouts: gain complete control over each financial disbursement. You can apply the four-eyes-principle and configure review rules that follow your risk profiles. If the amount being paid out exceeds a predefined limit, IXOPAY's Secure Payouts can trigger customizable notifications to crucial personnel and delay payment until further verification.

Monitor Transactions and Reduce Risk

Many industries are overlooked by banks and payment processors due to the risk and the increased likelihood of charge-backs, fraud, and money-laundering. This can have a significant effect on your options especially if you are an iGaming operator, trading platform, or sell more specialised products. IXOPAY will find your perfect payments solution. 

The Risk Management Engine enables you to implement your own risk management and fraud prevention strategies. Making it easier to reduce chargebacks, identify and refuse fraudulent transactions, and react accordingly to potentially high risk payments.  Run customized checks and estimate the individual risk involved in a payment transaction. Among the criteria from which you can choose to create your custom risk profiles are the transaction value; chosen payment method user data such as geographic location; user behavior; and block & allow lists. Find your global payment management solution for transactions with IXOPAY.

For added security combine IXOPAY with a third-party risk provider to ensure your business gets the protection it needs. 

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