Advanced Payment Management Software

Manage & Optimize your payment processes using a modern & flexible technology

The IXOPAY Payment Management Technology brings independence and flexibility to online payments and allows enterprises to consolidate and manage various payment processes into a single platform. Developed by IXOLIT Group, the SaaS platform IXOPAY facilitates the management and integration of payments using one single API to connect you with multiple adapters such as payment service providers (PSP), acquirers, processors, enterprise resource system (ERP), business intelligence (BI) or 3rd-party software of your choice seamlessly.

If you are looking for the best Payment technology, you will find that IXOPAY meets all of your needs. From an acquirer-agnostic PCI Vault to risk and fraud management modules as well as reconciliation and settlement tools, IXOPAY has the necessary features to depict the entire lifecycle of a transaction. Equip your business with our enterprise payment platform to see a 15% increase in turnover.

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Smart Transaction Routing

The IXOPAY Smart Routing Engine allows you to define various flow strategies for your payment transactions, allowing you to forward each individual transaction to the best suited payment service provider and thus increase conversions and reduce transaction fees.

You can use various criteria to control the routing decisions: card data, customer data, geographic parameters, risk classification as well as any number of platform and application-specific data.

The Smart Routing Engine allows you to configure and edit new and existing routes via a user-friendly Drag & Drop interface. Any changes you make can be applied immediately.

Fully PCI Compliant Card Vaulting

The IXOPAY Card Vault provides an independent means of storing and tokenizing your customers’ payment data. Our PCI-DSS Level 1 and GDPR-compliant solution thus provides you with more flexibility, reliability and the largest possible degree of independence from your payment service providers.

Take the Risk out of Payments

IXOPAY offers a proprietary Risk Management Engine facilitating the identification of fraudulent payment activities. Appropriately assessing risk and preventing fraud are critical or business success in a high-risk sector like igaming.

Use IXOPAY to run customized checks and estimate the individual risk involved in a payment transaction. Among the criteria from which you can choose to create your custom risk profiles are the transaction value, chosen payment method user data such as geographic location, user behaviour and balck and white list. Within IXOPAY, you find a global payment hub solution for managing transactions and presenting fraud online. In line with our goal to offer the best payment gateway software alongside independence, you can combine IXOPAY with third-party solutions.

Increase client conversion by cutting your onboarding times with dynamic payment solutions!

IXOPAY’s intuitive payments page automatically provides the most appropriate payment options which are based on transaction history, geo location, risk factors and more.

The IXOPAY platform connects to 100+ regional payment methods within a single, seamless integration, facilitating client access to a global audience. What does this mean for you? Not only can you offer local and international payments to gamers across the globe, via intuitive geo-specific payment methods, but you can integrate news PSPs quickly, efficiently, and without client frustration.